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Baptism Candles and Christening CandlesPosted: 19-09-2011

Design of Baptism Candles and Christening Candles - any design is possible.

On our website, you have the ability to design your own candle. Whether it is a Baptism Candle, Christening Candle, Wedding Candle or for any occasion. There are a number of options:

1) You can choose an existing design from our Baptism and Christening Candle range - exactly as it is, and simply capture your personal details to be added to the candle,

2) You can choose a design from our Baptism Candles and Christening candle range, but specify some changes you may like to the layout (simply add your requirements in the instruction box). If you just want the expression changed from Baptism to Naming Day or Christening. Or, if you would like the same style but in ‘boys’ version or a ‘girls’ version, simply capture your amendments in the instruction box. We are more that happy to amend the Baptism Candles and Christening candle designs to accommodate your needs.

3) You can create your own design from scratch using our ‘Candle Design Simulator'. Please be aware that the ‘Candle Simulator’ has its limitations. The font size can not be amended online, nor can multiple fonts be incorporated. However, we always review and enhance your chosen design. We often amend and vary the font sizes, and of course we always ensure that nothing is overlapping (even if it has appeared that way on the simulator).

Please feel free to contact us about your Baptism Candles or Christening Candle requirements. If you are looking for the most beautiful Baptism candles, you have come to the right place!

Baptism and Wedding LambathesPosted: 12-07-2011

We have a wonderful new range of candles for those of you requiring Orthodox celebration candle. Since receiving numerous enquiries regarding the availability of Lambathes, we have decided to add them to our range! The candles are 74cm long and 3 cm wide. They are decorated with traditional soft tulle. The tulle is available in white, blue and pink. Our sample candles have quite simple tulle skirts, however we can make them with a fuller skirt if ordered as such.  

We have a vast range of ribbon colours and styles to choose from. You can order the existing candle styles as they appear, or you can substitute different ribbons that can be seen on any of our other candles. The Candles also have various embellishments available, again these can be substituted as required.

Please feel free to contact us for further information, or if there are any other variations you would like.

Our Baptism and Wedding Lambathes can be picked up from Mont Albert in Melbourne. Alternatively we can send the candles to you. We take great care with the packaging of your candles, and due to their size, the delivery charges are a little higher than our other smaller candles.

Please try to order early to avoid disappointment. We look forward to helping you with a special candle for your occasion.