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Candle Design Simulator

You can design your own candle using our original Candle Design Simulator. It helps you visualise different font types, colours, graphics and finishes. Give it a go, it will give you a good impression of how your candle will look. You can order directly through the simulator once you have decided on the various elements.

1) Start by choosing your occasion below, or select ‘all’ if you want to see all options.

2) Work through each of the categories to choose your colours, fonts, graphics etc.

3) Please use the 'instructions' box for any special requirements, or if you would like Line 1 to be represented in an 'arc' shape. Feel free to reference any of the other candles in our range, if there is an element from one of our designs that you would like incorporated. 

Note: We will always send you an artwork proof prior to making your candle so you will have the opportunity to review and approve it. The simulator provides you with an idea of the finished product, the artwork proof is the more polished representation of it.

Please choose the occasion: